22-nd Mar ,2022

Polyamide Conduit will be launched pretty soon in April, which will become an essential part of our products category in the future.


As we all know, polyamide is versatile material that can be used for different products, when plastic flexible conduit is made of polyamide, it can be light and flexible and easy to fit which is used for a host of applications such as Machinery manufacturing, electrical insulation protection, lighting equipment, automobile manufacturing. This advanced polymer possesses valuable properties like resistance to heat and chemicals etc. and making it a viable option for demanding industries including HVAC, Robotic, manufacturing,rail and transait. 



• Material: UL approved PA6

• Fireproof: UL94-V0

• Color: Black, other colors are available upon request.

• Operating temperature: -40 to 125, 140 in short time.

• Structure: internal and external are both wave-type.

• Characteristic: Good flexibility, good resistance to distortion and bending, heavy duty; Acid, lubricating oil & coolant liquid resistance, etc. Shiny surface

• Loading Capacity: rub resistance

• Applying: Insert the wire and cable into the tube and use it with the corresponding type of hose connector.


ALF will supply the polyamide conduits that are manufactured to the highest quality. We are making sure that all of our customers will be supplied with the competent products performed under the harshest environment.


In the meantime, we can also offer fittings and connector to our loyal customer so that ensure whoever has been using this dynamic material can use it as efficiently as possible.


Stay tuned and stay alert, please click the link below to know more information.


Thank you!




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