External Influence on Nylon

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    The Nylon & humidity in Air plays mutually beneficial role for one another. Water plays a vital role in the success of this nylon. Nylon acts as absorbent in Humid Atmosphere. It emits/releases water adapting to higher temperatures in Summer Season.

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      Heat Resistant

    The temperature, after water, is the second big physical factor that not only affects the rigidity and flexibility of the nylon, but it deteriorates beyond repair in time. Temperatures above 60℃ start to damage the product property. A comparison of standard nylon and nylon heat-resistance performance shows that the latter resists without altering its physical conditions in temperatures up to 130℃.

    In contrast to the high temperatures that soften the material, low temperatures will stiffen up the fragility.

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      Cold Resistant

    Nylon originally being Hygroscopic in Nature, Nylon as well as Nylon Products will tend to Absorb Moisture at Low Temperatures & due to more Relative Humidity will become more Brittle at low temperatures. Hence one should keep the Nylon Products in Heated Warehouse & Maintain Temperature at 23℃(73℉) & 50% RH (Relative Humidity) which are packed in Moisture & Vapor Barrier (LDPE) Polybags .

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    Ultra Violet light will deteriorate the nylon when exposed under Sunlight. As we have tested our products after 300 hours of exposure reduces the percentage of elongation, whereas UV protected product after 3195 hours maintains the elongation percentage in unchanged. Extrapolating these and other information supplied by Manufactures, it can be concluded that the material can withstand, if applied correctly, outside of long periods of time, up to eleven years as per UV Life Span Test conducted at 3195 hours equivalent to 11 years.


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