Bundling Clips with Fir Tree, for Oval Holes

Technical information
Materials UL approved Nylon 66, Flame Resistance 94v-2
Color Black/White
Operating temperature -40℃ ~ 85℃ (-40℉ ~ 185℉)
Fixation Method Widespread use in cable harness production; a quick and easy means of fixing cables and lines securely in various parts of cars
Product description

• Easy to install without the need for a tool

• One fir tree foot part can be used for a variety of panel thicknesses

• Suitable for use within threaded holes

• Holding tabs prevent the tie slipping sideways


Bundling Clips with Fir Tree for Oval HolesHenan Quanxiang Industrial Co., Ltd.
Item No. Sketch Map Length Hole Max.Panel Thickness Pack Quantity
mm Φmm mm pcs/bag
QX151-01281 55 7.0*12 6 100
QX151-01269 50 6.5*13.0 6.7 100
QX151-01213 50 7.0*12 6 100
QX151-00629 56 6.5-7 5.7 100


    • Henan Quanxiang Industrial Co., Ltd.
    • Henan Quanxiang Industrial Co., Ltd.
    • Henan Quanxiang Industrial Co., Ltd.


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