How to tell the quality of Nylon Cable Tie?


Nylon Cable Tie is one of the fastening products, which has a wide range of applications and can be seen in our daily life, such as tying the wires inside TV sets, lightnings and computers. In addition, Nylon Cable Tie is also popularly applied in the fixing of mechanical equipment, ships, vehicles and oil pipelines, packaging or binding of whole vehicles, besides that it can be applied for tying agricultural, horticultural and handicraft products as well.



Inspect from raw materials


The raw materials of Nylon Cable Ties are usually PA (Poly-amide), PP (Polypropylene), PVC (Polyvinyl Chloride), PE (Polyethylene). PA materials are classified into PA6, PA66, PA12, PA1010, etc. Among them, PA66 is the most widely used and popular material.


Some Nylon Cable Ties on the market are made of PA6 and PE. Because the raw material of PA6 and PE is cheaper than that of PA66, in order to reduce the cost, many products on the market are made of PA6 and PE. Products made of this material are easy to break, age and short of durability. On the other hand, PA66 Cable Ties are more durable.



Inspect from appearance 


Examine the internal serrations of the tie to see if they are neat, if easily deformed or serrations ranged irregularly, it may lead to the loosely binding.


The appearance and color of the high-quality ties are very even, and no impurities will be observed inside the ties.


On the contrary, there will be bubbles, burrs, oil stains and other impurities may be found in the defective products.



Inspect from functionality


before apply, check if there are broken or sliding serrations, poor threading etc. The most important thing is to test the tensile of the tie. Different specifications of products have different tensile values according to the thickness and width of the cable tie, those tensile value does not meet the standard can be categorized as disqualified products. Please refer to the table below for details.




Our suggestion


It is recommended to purchase products from fine manufacturers, who have completed certificates, full production and processing systems, strict quality inspection, after-sales service and so on, which are more reliable and trustworthy for consumers.




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