08-th Dec ,2021

We have developed a new product — Zip Tie for Tyre Traction Aid, which is officially launched today.


The Zip Tie for Tyre Traction Aid is a brilliantly designed, easy to use, alternative traction device for snow and mud. They fit all rims up to 22” on cars, vans, SUV & trucks.They are a must have for winter driving and everyone should have a set in their winter emergency kit. And they are not traditional “Zip Tie” as they are super tough and durable so there is no need to worry about them breaking off easily.


When driving on snow, please control the speed below 30km/h when using this product


1. This product can be used in situations where snow tires skid, muddy skid, and icing.

2. This product is convenient and quick to use and can be used in any occasion and temperature.

3. The colors are orange, white, and black in stock, and other colors can be customized.


Please click the link to know the specification at


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