02-nd Mar ,2023

ALF is very proud to say that it was an honour to participate in a huge and magnificent event held in orange convention center in Orlando, the 2023 POWERGEN International from 21st to 23rd March.

This incredible exhibition and summit serves as a business and networking hub for 8,000 electricity generators, utilities and solution-providers engaged in power generation. This immersive and interactive face to face event experience is more important than ever as POWERGEN is committed to providing a platform to discuss in-depth challenges faced by all energy stakeholders and helping them find a path from where the industry is now to where the new emerging and leading trends will take it.

Three days of successful meetings with the potential customers and numerous professionals who are interested in nylon cable ties and accessories in power generation industry was quite an experience. We showcased our products like cable ties, clips and clamps, and had a delightful discussion to exchange new ideas with our customers who plays various roles in the company.

What a event! We sincerely hope everyone who participated in this show gain what they want and make continution to the industry!





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