TurkeyAsia-Europe International Industry Exhibition (WIN EURASIA 2023)

04-th Jul ,2023

On June 10, 2023, as the leading industrial trade exhibition in Eurasia, the 29th Turkey Asia-Europe International Industry Exhibition (WIN EURASIA 2023) came to an end at the Istanbul Exhibition Center.

During the four-day exhibition, Henan Quanxiang had a lot of harvest.

The exhibition is the largest and most influential industrial automation exhibition in Turkey and even in Eurasia. It shares the same platform with seven themes of industrial automation, international fluid power technology, energy, electrical and electronics, material handling, supply chain management, internal logistics topics, metal processing, welding and cutting technology, and surface treatment technology. The exhibition site gathered more than 1,080 companies from all over the world, and more than 98,000 people participated.

Our booth attracted many international friends to stop and visit. There were constant customer inquiries and tests on our products such as nylon cable ties, stainless steel cable ties, cable clamps, corrugated conduits, etc., and they were highly praised. And our nylon products are made of UL-approved nylon-66 (Nylon 6/6) material by injection molding. It has good acid resistance, corrosion, insulation, not easy to age, and strong endurance,  which is widely used in electronics, electrical appliances, communications, machinery, automobiles, aerospace and other fields. Henan Quanxiang has attracted the attention of all parties on the exhibition with its high-quality and multi-category nylon products.

While actively exploring overseas markets, Henan Quanxiang Industrial Co., Ltd. is also accelerating the deployment of global services. According to the actual international situation, create greater value through “customer-centric innovation”, optimize regional layout, and improve service capabilities.


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