2020 ALF’s Mid-Autumn Badminton sport competition

01-st Apr ,2021

Taking the opportunity of the Mid-Autumn Festival, we held the ALF’s autumn Badminton competition over the weekend. The initial goal has been accomplished, everyone was sweating and panting along with so much fun. The most important is that the competition showed our spirit of Marching forward courageously, never give up and try our best to win the game. On the other hand, others who lost the competition feel no frustrated and do their best till the end deserve the respect and honour is what should be admired most. 

Mr Chen and Mrs Olivia were the champions for the male and female singles, Daniel and Grace won the champ of mixed doubles finals. And the regards were super incredible, they have got tiny Blue tooth earphones for singles final and a fabulous stainless thermos for the mixed doubles finals, what a big surprise, how wonderful! Hope they won’t be too excited to sleep at night. Congrats to them. 

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