How to keep cable ties

How to keep cable ties

Nylon cable ties are made of high quality Nylon 6/6 . The nylon material is very easy to absorb moisture and release water,therefore, nylon cable ties need to be sealed in plastic bag with little water, so that to keep the quality as most appropriate situation. Likewise, how to store sealed cable ties is very important to be well aware of. 

1.The ideal environment of storing cable ties: keep it in 23℃, humidity above 50%. 

2.Do not open the sealed bag untilyou want to useit. Once you open one bag of cable ties, please use it up in the shortest time. If not, please remember to seal the bag.

3.Do not leave the cable ties expose in the sunlight, otherwise, please use the weather resistant one instead. 

4.Avoid the cable ties close to heat resources, such as heater or heating etc.

How to keep cable ties
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